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South African Rugby League Association appoints IGA Directors to the S.A.R.L Executive Advisor Board. Mike Garner is awarded the position of Branding & Marketing specialist for the domestic game and the forthcoming World Cup in 2013.

Kim Ikel is the first ever woman to be appointed to a Rugby Board in S.A as Life skills, Mental and business coach to the Teams & Management.

(June 2011)

IGA initiates and delivers first ever Mother & Fathers Day events at the L’Aquila Venue, highly successful and entertaining with top branded wines & spirits available for free tasting.

(May & June 2011)

L’Aquila exclusive Spa, Wedding & Conference Venue awards IGA, annual Branding & Marketing contract

(March 2011)

Thru IGA management, the new Wetherlys Premier Guild division achieves sales excellence in the 1st Quarter of 2011, less than one year after conceptualization.

(Jan 2011)

By implementing IGA Sales & Marketing principals, our sister Company KIHD, was awarded the 2010 National Sales award in the e-marketing category.

(Jan 2011)

Kim Ikel, Nataniel and Aidan Bennetts (Top Billing) co launch the Decorators Emporium at the Wetherlys William Nicol store

(Oct 2010)

As MC, Kim Ikel together with the S.A Institute of interior design professions (iid) launch the new Wetherlys store in Brooklyn

(July 2010)

Grand Designs – Kim Ikel invited to launch the Wetherlys Premier Guild concept at the Coca Cola Dome.

(May 2010)

Top Billing – Kim Ikel presents the new Wetherlys French Timeless range on the top rated South Africa Lifestyle programme.

(March 2010)

Wetherlys the furniture retailer, award IGA a two year contract to initiate, implement and manage a pioneering concept…………A South African first.

(Jan 2010)

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