Outsourced Services


IGA views outsourcing as involving the contracting out of a business function - commonly one previously performed in-house - to an external provider such as IGA.   IGA’s success has been proven in taking over core aspects such as :

Supply Chain – interim labour assignments & projects Marketing Campaigns
Logistics- interim labour assignments & projects Marketing Projects
Sales Management Mentoring & Coaching  (Individuals/Teams)
Training & Coaching Team Building
Marketing Function Establishing entrepreneurial business

Organizations that outsource are seeking to realize benefits or address the following issues.

Benefits of outsourcing to IGA

  • Cost savings — The lowering of the overall cost of the service to the business. This will involve reducing the scope, defining quality levels, re-pricing, re-negotiation, and cost re-structuring.
  • Cost restructuring — Operating leverage is a measure that compares fixed costs to variable costs. Outsourcing to IGA, changes the balance of this ratio by offering a move from fixed to variable cost and also by making variable costs more predictable.
  • Focus on Core Business — Business resources are directly focused on developing the core business. For example, an organization outsourcing their Marketing function to IGA.
  • Flexibility— IGA will provide an outcomes based solution tailored to the requirements of the client or business, therefore only paying for pre determined results.
  • Improve quality — Achieve a steep change in quality through contracting out the service with a new service level agreement.
  • Knowledge — Access to intellectual property and a wider experience and knowledge due to IGA industry exposure and successful tried & tested models.
  • Operational expertise — Access to IGA operational Best Practice that would be too difficult or time consuming to develop in-house.
  • Catalyst for change — An organization can use an outsourcing agreement as a catalyst for major step change that cannot be achieved alone.IGA becomes a ‘change agent’ in the process.
  • Enhance capacity for innovation — Companies using the external knowledge of IGA to supplement limited in-house capacity for product innovation.
  • Reduce time to market — The acceleration of the development or production of a product through the additional capability brought by IGA.
  • Liability — by utilizing IGA,organizations choose to transfer liabilities inherent to specific business processes or services that are outside of their core competencies.
  • Creating leisure time — Entrepreneurs & business owners may wish to outsource their work in order to optimize their work-leisure life style.

Types of outsourced services

A.    Long term

This is typical a 12-24 month solution, where the client required IGA to initiate, establish, roll-out and manage a concept, division or project from inception to a defined stage or position.

Wetherlys Premier Guild

Initiate and motivate concept
Create Business Plan and sign off
Implementation & trouble shoot
Roll-out and Marketing
Management and Reporting
Handover to company & management

Imperial Chauffeur Drive (Training division)

RPL (Recognition of prior learning) of staff
Skills analysis
Skills development Plan
Training of individuals and teams

B.    Medium term

This is typical a 3-12 month solution, where the client is experiencing a lack of performance expertise in a specific division or area in the business.  This service can also be contracted on a Mentorship base for an entrepreneur very successfully.

Riviera Recording Studio

Entrepreneurial Mentorship 3 months.
To establish sound business principals and dynamic marketing activities in a newly established recording business.  The owner and staff were trained and coached as part of the program and a 6 month marketing plan incorporated in the basic business plan.  The individuals involved were held accountable for the outcomes agreed upon in each Mentorship and Coaching session.

Caleka Publishing (sister company to BPC)

IGA was brought into the Sales division for a 12 month period to streamline personnel and sales activities and increase sales.
Sales increased in the 1st year by 23% with a reduced staff compliment.

C.    Interim Labour Assignments

This service is typically rendered when an executive, manager or, owner needs to go on leave, long term sickness, starts another venture etc. and the business requires a management or training solution.
Assignment periods vary according to the clients requirement & pre-determined outcomes.

D.    Mentorship & Coaching Programs

This is where a company or individual requires a shorter or longer term programs which entails typical mentoring and coaching toward specific outcomes.  This can be an individual Coaching program with the focus on:

  • Life skills
  • Business skills
  • Starting a new business
  • Implementing change and/or enhanced activity and turnover in a division

This service is also successfully rendered to a company with the following focus:

  • Mentoring and coaching of Management teams
  • Coaching of MD’s and CEO’s regarding Life skills and management skills
  • Coaching individuals on Life skills or specific selling and/or management skills

What our clients say

“In the day-to-day struggle to progress in business we all need tangible tools to empower our staff and ourselves. I believed an MBA at a top university would bring me all that I needed. The MBA was great, but I experienced truly great value by attending IGA courses. In a single day of listening to Kim I have been empowered with more, and better tools than an entire MBA could offer me.”...

Paul Venter
MD, Estates in Africa

Right from the word go my dealings with IGA were of complete professionalism. The insights you provided me with during the personality profiling, the personal conversations we’ve had regarding my individual life skills and test results during the day’s proceedings, and the opportunity to spend a day with an individual that obviously had so much to teach and give, was life changing."...

Corne Groesbeek
Customer Services Manager, NetCB Solutions (Pty) Ltd

As a relatively unknown person I was nominated to stand for Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the largest Golf Estate in South Africa. From the time I briefed Mike, he took control and ownership of the entire campaign. Very soon I was presented with a comprehensive strategic election campaign that was not only professional, but very structured and focused on the key areas. Needless to say, the results far exceeded my expectations..."

Pieter van der Merwe
MD, Various Companies

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