Creative & Dynamic Team Building Challenges

Within everyone there is a creative energy and urge waiting to be expressed. IGA deems CREATIVITY as providing INTELLECTUAL SOLUTIONS. With a wide range of truly imaginative events including creative expression and skills development, IGA TEAMBUILDING provides the expertise and tools to get the creative juices flowing whilst cultivating and expanding life and business skills. The end result, be it a LARGE FORMAT WORK OF ART, a potential award winning FASHION CREATION, or an INDIVIDUAL CANVAS,  will delight and amaze everyone and provide a strong visual reminder of your conference's key messages or Team building’s desired outcomes.


Calling all Human beings - Are you a sophisticated group of  directors or managers, a funky computer design firm looking to expand your team's creativity or a group of factory staff blowing off steam in a different environment.?

IGA has the creative solution for large or small teams,departments,managers and general staff.


Choose from a range of creative & exciting team building activities designed to harmonise, excite, challenge and extend your company’s team efficiency, while building trust , encouraging efficient work ethic and effective communication channels within and between teams.
Our creative & challenging programs are designed to address areas of strength and weakness in a group creatively and ascertain whether they can effectively communicate and co-ordinate in order to create a powerful outcomes  from smaller parts.
The Creative Challenge Programs are ideal for people who want a combination of low impact, physical challenges, combined with creativity and skills development.


Teambuilding skills developed during the creative Challenge:

  • Inter and Intra group Communication
  • Roles, Characteristics  and Norms
  • Interdependence without losing individuality and creative thinking
  • Collective visualization and character building
  • Individual identification of skill strengths and weaknesses


  • Consultation to ascertain desired outcomes and skills development prior to program
  • Optional group and individual profiling prior to workshop.  (Personality temperament/Entrepreneurial aptitude/Assertiveness)
  • A basic acrylic painting course is presented before the start of the activity.
  • Planning is essential and teams will need to discuss and delegate the various aspects of the activity. Delegates must work effectively both within groups and between groups in order to accomplish the tasks at hand.
  • Groups are challenged creatively and are free to interpret the produced artwork, fashion item or product as they see fit. At the end of the exercise the teams have the option of having the piece of art framed and it can then  be mounted in the offices of the company. The Challenge can be held outdoors or indoors at most venues, and the non-toxic materials used will not stain clothing, fabrics or materials.

A great option for a teambuilding group or a leisure group looking for a creative, fun, low impact activity that can be done indoors or outdoors.  As rewarding, is the fact that the Team leave with a piece of tangible art that captures the essence of the experience and creative spirit.

Benefits to our client:

  • A creative approach based on sound concepts and practical experience.
  • IGA offers structured interventions that address specific needs and achieve measurable outcomes as well as more recreational events that will simply delight and astound even the most introvert participants
  • It’s all about People.  We are committed to getting the best out of your people and thus your teams and your organisation.
  • We facilitate and understand that there is a REASON why people are different with different characters and skill sets
  • We allow them to create real working scenarios where success or failure will depend on how well people perform as a team. More often than not there is a need to network with other teams towards a common goal, but on other occasions the skills shown in a competitive activity by the most successful teams become a model for other teams to emulate, sharing best practise and increasing productivity.
  • Our teambuilding and motivational events are designed to be an integral part of a conference, dove-tailing with the client’s business, values, brand and culture.
  • Build a spirit of cooperation and involvement
  • Have fun with positive and motivational results
  • Observe how different individual & team roles and styles are necessary for successful outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of time management, realistic goal setting & sound communication
  • Operate in systems consistent with company values
  • Leverage a range of communication styles to maximise results
  • See how expectations can influence outcomes
  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment
  • Offer a platform to examine more specific issues such as the customer-supplier relationship, negotiation skills, sustainability or corporate social responsibility.

Measuring the outcomes

The IGA Team building programs are crafted with the focus on learning outcomes which largely speak for themselves. IGA however believes it appropriate to take the feedback process one step further in an “end-of-the-day” skills session.  In this session the specific needs IGA consulted on before the Team building session,  will be addressed by feedback and development on these relevant Life skills..

You may have tabled a specific need that requires addressing such as improving the customer-supplier relationship or breaking down tunnel vision or other destructive mentality in teams or departments.  IGA at no cost, consults relevant management or persons prior to the Team building session to design a bespoke solution incorporating relevant activities from our portfolio. With the choice of activities ,  a client who has the need to take a more ‘off the shelf’ approach will definitely find an activity to challenge your staff, provide an arena for analysis and open the way for discussion and continued improvement.

What is included

All Team Building equipment & paint, facilitators, planning and set up, skills training and certificates.

What is excluded

Venue, general equipment, food, drinks, customised T-shirts and branded corporate wear. All of these items can however be arranged for an additional fee on request.

Level of Ability

No special skills or artistic experience required.  Ideal for disadvantaged delegates with any form of disability.

IGA Creative Team Building Options

What our clients say

“In the day-to-day struggle to progress in business we all need tangible tools to empower our staff and ourselves. I believed an MBA at a top university would bring me all that I needed. The MBA was great, but I experienced truly great value by attending IGA courses. In a single day of listening to Kim I have been empowered with more, and better tools than an entire MBA could offer me.”...

Paul Venter
MD, Estates in Africa

Right from the word go my dealings with IGA were of complete professionalism. The insights you provided me with during the personality profiling, the personal conversations we’ve had regarding my individual life skills and test results during the day’s proceedings, and the opportunity to spend a day with an individual that obviously had so much to teach and give, was life changing."...

Corne Groesbeek
Customer Services Manager, NetCB Solutions (Pty) Ltd

As a relatively unknown person I was nominated to stand for Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the largest Golf Estate in South Africa. From the time I briefed Mike, he took control and ownership of the entire campaign. Very soon I was presented with a comprehensive strategic election campaign that was not only professional, but very structured and focused on the key areas. Needless to say, the results far exceeded my expectations..."

Pieter van der Merwe
MD, Various Companies

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